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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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there with the exclusive surveillance video. damian, two issues here. the crime and the police response. >> yeah and you know what? the neighbors say they have complained, but they have gotten nowhere. this resident here is in the process of installing a locked mailbox, one that should help keep the crooks away. today we went directly to the u.s. postal inspector. >> so this is the car. >> it turns their stomach every time they see it home surveillance video of a person residents in evergreen say is driving up and stealing their mail. >> you feel that you're violated. you don't get over it. >> we really feel we need to bring attention to this. we're not the only ones. >> reporter: neighbors are sharing their video through the website next >> it might just be a photo. >> reporter: they called police and the post office but feel no one is doing anything about it. >> we're trying to do our best but we're feeling helpless. >> reporter: some installed lockboxes inside their mailboxes. but then they got this warning saying they had to remove the
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mechanism or the mail carrier would not deliver to their home. >> there are certain requirements that are needed to be met in order for these lockboxes to be installed. >> reporter: we met up with a u.s. postal inspector today. jeff fitch's office is a law enforcement branch of the postal service. a postal inspector opened an investigation into the evergreen mail thefts after our phone call. >> postal inspectors that are assigned to our san jose mail theft team are looking into this. >> reporter: he asks people to file mail theft reports online or via their 24-hour hotline. neighbors in evergreen say they gave inspectors this surveillance video footage and the license plate number of the suspect's van. the inspectors vow to go after every mail thief. >> it's a federal offense. postal inspectors are federal agents. we investigate this. potential penalty of up to five years in federal prison. >> this is the car. and everybody keeps saying it's a mazda. >> reporter: most of her neighbors have seen deborah murphy's video. today she decided to install a
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new mailbox outside her home. a locked box that is preapproved by the u.s. postal service. and if your mail has been stolen, you can log your complaint at you can find a tab at the bottom of the page. their 24-hour hotline is 877-876-2455. and if you happen to turn someone in who you believe is stealing mail and that person has been convicted you can qualify for a reward up to $10,000. we're live in the evergreen hills of san jose damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you damian. we have some breaking news to share with you. this is out of oakland. police need help in identifying a hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian and injured another. it happened at 3:30 this afternoon in a crosswalk at san pablo and second. a driver in a gold lexus slammed into the victims and drove off before police arrived. the victim that survived is hospitalized, but the condition is still unclear. the oakland tribute identifies
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the man who was killed as a 40-year-old who lives in the neighborhood. also reporting the lexus may have been involved in a street race. we have new detail news on the arrest of these two men who allegedly shot and killed a security guard outside a san jose liquor store. that guard died while trying to protect his friend. prosecutors charge juan hernandez and richard cruz today. nbc bay area's robert handa was in the courtroom when this was going on. he joins us live from san jose. and robert, the case is now sealed. but you were able to uncover some critical details? >> reporter: that's right. the investigation isn't over yet. but the arrests and today's court proceedings have given people here at this memorial site a little reassurance, but just a little. there is still grief and concern in the shopping center on capital avenue where 34-year-old security guard manny zuniga was shot and killed. zuniga and another guard working at a nightclub got involved in trying to stop a theft at a neighboring liquor store that was caught on surveillance tape.
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witnesses say zun unique ga was fatally shot while trying to protect the other guard, a friend. the tape and key introduce led them to suspects wednesday night. richard cruz was charged with murder attempted murder participating in a criminal street gang and shoplifting to benefit a gang. juan hernandez faces the same charges but also personal use of a firearm. >> the personal use of a firearm is specific to mr. hernandez. but both of them are charged with all those same crimes. >> reporter: police will not say if hernandez is the shooter, because the case is sealed and homicide detectives aren't done yet. >> they are currently still looking for additional suspects in the homicide. >> reporter: that's what has the liquor store owner still worried. >> yes hope everything come back normal. that's my wish for my new year. >> reporter: still as you can hear, he did seem a little bit relieved by the arrest and charges. the two suspects are scheduled to return to court on february
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27th to identify counsel and possibly enter a plea. >> thank you. another shooting case about a mile away. we're getting a first look at the suspected gunman. today san jose police releasing this mug shot of johnson nguyen. they arrested him wednesday night thanks to tips from witnesses. nguyen is accused of shooting two men after an argument at the dzo sports bar and restaurant the two victims are expected to survive. police are still looking for a second suspect. it's a go for the daughters of charity. california's attorney general has approved the sale of six hospitals, including four locate heard in the bay area. the medical facilities, o'connor hospital in san jose, st. louis regional hospital in gilroy seton medical center in daly city and seton coast side in moss beach. the hospitals are operated by daughters of charity health system, which is looking to sell the group to prime health care. because the hospitals are operated as nonprofits the sale
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needed attorney general kamala harris' go ahead. it comes with a list of conditions though. prime is being barred from making major service changes for the next ten years. real life issues for the giants. but there is some encouraging news tonight. their manager, bruce bochy is out of the hospital. the 59-year-old had surgery last night after reporting chest pains. doctors implanted two stents. nbc bay area's mark matthews takes a closer look at what the surgery involves. >> this is a moving picture of a clogged artery in the heart. >> the blood is trying to squeak through that narrowing. squeak through that right there. >> reporter: dr. robert spurling is a specialist in opening up clogged blood vessels by running a thin tube from the wrist into the heart. >> and we will twist it down here to get it where it needs to go. >> reporter: the tube is snaked in and then a dye injected into the blood vessel that shows up on an x-ray screen. >> we do see a narrowing and we think the best thing is to open
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up that narrowing to help the blood flow then through that tube or a similar tube we're able to snake up our stents and implant them that way. >> reporter: here is a picture of the implanted stent. it's a wire mesh sleeve that is inflated with a tiny balloon. and once in place it allows the blood to flow where it needs to go. sometimes the procedure is done when patients are suffering a heart attack. other times, like in the case of bruce bochy, the symptoms of blockage are much milder. >> sometimes people feel that it's indigestion. it's in their upper belly. they think it is a bad ham sandwich. >> the dangerous says spurling is people could stay at home waiting to feel better while their heart is being permanently damaged. the symptoms can vary widely from a discomfort in your chest to an elephant sitting on your rib cage. but if you're feeling it, don't wait to get it checked. reporting from marin general, mark math you're nbc bay area news. >> mark thank you. they missed the deadline. so now labor talks will likely
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move to washington, d.c. next week. the west coast port slowdown continues to hurt the bay area and the country. here is a live look at the port of oakland, the source of a lot of hurt for local businesses like dean's cold storage and meat inspection. that's one of the businesses impacted. it handles 90% of the meat that goes through the port of oakland, and that hasn't been much lately. meat from around the world has only been trickling in and pallets of u.s. meats slated to ship overseas is stacking up. the company's owner says he has taken a 40% hit and he might never make up this loss. >> people are afraid from australia, new zealand, all over the world to ship anything to the west coast. so the long their goes on the longer i lose. >> the u.s. labor secretary has been here in the bay area throughout the week. he continues to describe the talks as positive, but not complete. the slowdown is costing the united states an estimated $2 billion each day.
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good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri live at levi's stadium where the san jose sharks are taking over this weekend. we'll talk more about the sharks on the 49ers field, and that all important weather forecast for the big game, coming up in just a few minutes. if you want to catchxyky#ld perpetrators, people that are you know not supposed to be out and about. but then it's also invading your privacy. >> another bay area county wants to be able to track cell phones. i'm scott budman. coming up, safety versus privacy in the south bay. plus a tourist destination evacuated will force dozens of people out on to the streets.
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people started coughing and complaining of throat irritations inside the boudin bakery. firefighters initially evacuated the entire building thinking it was hazmat. ultimately they figured out someone released pepper spray inside of the restaurant. police were never able to find the person responsible. tracking cell phones to fight crime. law enforcement calls it safety. others call it spying. but is the ability to zero in on a murder or a child molester worth the risk to your privacy? our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us now and that is a hot debate. >> reporter: very much so jessica. there is a machine here in the bay area that can find you by tracking your cell phone. next week another bay area county will try to get one of its own. we can't hear what this man is saying but we can tell you he is talking on his phone at the mercado shopping center in santa clara. and if the santa clara county sheriff's department gets its way, they'll be able to track people using the gps in their
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smartphones. they say they'll only use it to find people of interest. >> this is important for at-risk missing people that can narrow down the location to find out where they can be to save them for hunting down somebody who is a murderer or a child molester or a rapist who is a real danger to the community. >> we're concerned about how technology is used by law enforcement. >> reporter: as soon as the $500,000 grant from homeland security to go towards the tracking machine, often called a stingray, was announced privacy groups reacted with suspicion. >> invasion of privacy issues. we're concerned with civil liberty issues. we're concerned with how this may be used to target civilians. >> reporter: the sheriff's department insists it won't track what anybody says and it still has to get permission from the county board of supervisors before it can buy the mean. the public is not so sure about it. >> i don't like being tracked. >> it's a good thing if you want to catch perpetrator, people that are not supposed to be out
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and about. but then it's also invadeing your privacy. >> reporter: the proposal will go before the board of supes next tuesday. the tracking machines are in use right now by the alameda county sheriff's authorities and by the san jose police department. the santa clara county sheriff's department tells us they will use a search warrant each time they track someone. back to you. >> okay thank you, scott. well california farmers will be facing some tough decisions this upcoming planting season, and once again, the drought is the culprit. the snowpack is dismal which means very little water will be delivered to farmers. that means more fields will be left unplanted this year unless there is rain. the california farm bureau says it will take years for us to recover from our dry spell. >> i think it's fair to say that we're in for another tough year regardless of what happens in the next five or six weeks. but if we do get more rain and snow in that time, it would make it a little less -- it would
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make it a little less difficult for people. >> now last year, the federal central valley project did not deliver any of the water it promised to farmers. it's expected to issue its first outlook for this year in the next few days. they've got lots of water but it's frozen. the excitement is building. the sharks are on the ice in the new playing field at levi's stadium. this view have from our chopper as the time gets ready for tomorrow's game against the l.a. kings. nbc bay area's geraud moncure joins us live in santa clara with last-minute prep. boy, all you can say is ice, ice baby! >> a little vanilla ice there. i like, that jessica. yeah, the preparations are coming along great. the excitement is certainly building for one of the largest outdoor hockey events in the united states history to be honest with you. it's the sharks and the kings right here 70,000 strong expected to show up at levi's stadium for part of the nhl's stadium series. now earlier today, team teal hit the ice to acclimate themselves
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with one final state before they take on the l.a. kings. and they had to get the feel for the outdoor ice obviously. the humidity has been the biggest challenge for the crews in prepping the venue. but for their part, the sharks very impressed. >> it's rough. we hear all about it. we obviously follow on social media the progression over the days. but it's such a buildup leading to it. it takes any exception we have from the locker room to the ice to the whole facility. it's really spectacular. >> all right. coming back later in sports, we'll tell you how the players are feeling about their contest against their archrival tomorrow night. reporting live from levi's geraud moncure nbc bay area. >> okay gerard thank you. we'll turn things over to jeff ranieri right now. he is also live at levi's stadium. they've got some ponds and stuff around the ice too. it just looks phenomenal. >> yeah they've got a lot of action besides just the ice there. they're really kind of taking
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over the levi's stadium here with the ice rink right in the middle of the 49ers field. you see the ice rink back there behind me. we hear some 20,000 gallons of water that has been frozen over. it's a very delicate process to get that ice exactly right for those players. so we don't want to waste my more time. we want to get right to the guy in charge. we've been waiting to talk to you this. is dan craig. you are the facility operator for the nhl. so let's get right to it. how difficult it is in santa clara to do outdoor ice hockey? >> well it's a challenge. it doesn't matter where we go. it's a challenge. and we do all of our work at night here. so on the rink itself everybody else does their part and gets out of the way. and we do ours when the sun goes down. >> how exactly are you keeping this ice-cold? because you're constantly battling the elements even though we're not getting rain or super hot temperatures. you've got to keep it stable. and how are you guys doing that? >> well, there is from steps that we have. but we have a 53-foot trailer,
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refrigeration trail they're has three hohn tons capacity for refrigeration. we have glycol that goes through the floor about every 15 minutes. we keep it cool that way. and when the sun is out we have a reflective tarp insulated that we put over the top of it while we're sleeping it's sleeping. >> and what is your key concern during the game on saturday? we're expecting a dry forecast. but is there anything you're going to be really monitoring extra super close? >> well, this past week this climate here. i've never worked in before. and we have the dew point here. and so the condensation on the decking and on the glass and on the ice surface has been a concern. those interest things i'm paying attention to. >> we've had the dew point in the 50s. we'd like a nice strong north wind to give us some dry air in here. we'll see what we can do for you tomorrow. dan, thank you so much for coming out. beautiful job on the ice out there. >> appreciate that. thank you. >> let's go ahead and get a look at the weather graphics. and what you're going to be able to see here as we get lew the game on saturday just as we
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heard from dan, we need 55 degrees or colder for that morning low to help him do his job. we're looking for a morning low of 49 degrees. pregame if you're heading out here to levi's stadium will be 68. and for game time, 63 degrees. you still might need a light jacket. we are expecting a dry forecast. now tomorrow's highs will average in the low 70s for the north bay. 66 in san francisco. and also 70 expected in the south bay. now there is a chance of showers this weekend. it's very slight. we'll see this upper-level low-pressure system move in from the interior west. it's mainly going to be the south bay and east bay with the best chance, and temperatures will also cool off to 66. so the best news of this game is on saturday. and that's what we will have some of the better weather. jesse and raj, i got to tell you. with the ice back here behind me it's like a micromicroclimate. when you get the wind kicking up, you can actually feel an arctic breeze at my back. nothing as cold as what they're doing with on the east coast. but i'm feeling a little chilly tonight. >> that was a very in-depth i really understand the ice now.
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that was phenomenal. >> it's going to be so cool to see the ice there and the game tomorrow night. thank you, jeff. >> literally. we have some breaking news that we want to pass along to you. the port shutdown is apparently over. we're talking about the west coast port shutdown. the associated press is reporting that the dock workers have reached a tentative contract. now this agreement comes after about nine months of negotiations and the shutdown of 29 seaports really from seattle down to san diego. we'reh>=- on this deal that was reached. but once again, the ap reports, the tentative agreement has been reached. no word yet on when the ports will be fully operational. plus still ahead, a family trip just ruined. what was wrong with the disneyland tickets that left a peninsula family out of the park and out of luck? and the raiders and chargers look at teaming up on a stadium proposal. not here but in southern california. in oakland, leaders are optimistic that the raiders might stay put. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up.
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the. the possibility of getting two nfl football teams in carson, and the community is rallying to that. so thank you to you. >> mayor of carson, california announcing a plan to bring both the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers to southern california to share a new stadium. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in oakland, where the mayor says it is not a done deal and she has her own plans to keep the raiders. >> reporter: yeah that's
6:24 pm
exactly what she says. as you can imagine, oakland raiders fans too not too happy about this. they think the team needs to stay here in oakland. city and county leaders are optimistic that can happen. is this a future home of the raiders? a $1.7 billion stadium near los angeles that would be shared with the san diego chargers. oakland fans are hoping it never gets off the drawing board. >> in oakland. >> the raiders are in full negotiation mode. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf says they have been working hard with the team. >> i am optimistic about the raiders staying here in oakland. we have made significant progress over the last month in putting together a privately financed deal that builds a raiders a new great stadium and keeps them here in oakland. >> reporter: both teams say they will continue to work to stay in their current markets. scott mckibben was just approved after the executive director of the oakland alameda coliseum.
6:25 pm
>> i'm confident when it's all said and done we're going to come to some sort of resolution that works for everybody. i think without question without question mark davis would prefer to stay in oakland, as would his senior management team. and we're going to do everything we can to try and move that ball forward. >> the sense of urgency in the room i think is evident. >> reporter: chris dobbins is with the coliseum authority, save oakland sports and a raiders season ticketholder since 1995. >> i mean i want to say no. but as a raider fan, and we've heard this story time and time again, and there is no solid deal. so we're concerned. >> reporter: and the new head of the coliseum authority plans to meet with the raiders soon and find out what their idea of a venue and a deal looks like. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie thank you. a runaway garbage truck crashed into an oakland salon, sending the people inside scrambling for safety. it happened today on telegraph avenue in oakland. the driver had stepped out of that garbage truck when it started rolling towards the
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salon. some customers inside the glamarama salon told us they barely got out of the way. it appears faulty brakes may be to blame. will they tear it down or blow it up? our first look at how crews may take down the old portion of the bay bridge. plus -- >> a bay area family paid hundreds of dollarses for disneyland tickets only to find out the craigslist deal was a scam. i'm michelle roberts in mountainview. coming up, how police were able to track down the suspects. >> we pay all of our taxes that we're supposed to be paying. >> you pay all of the taxes that you're supposed to be paying? >> yeah. >> tonight our hidden cameras take you inside a showdown over marijuana taxes in the south bay. i'm tony kovaleski. up next we investigate the growing controversy over marijuana, the law, and millions in unpaid tax dollars.
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my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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following the marijuana to the money. tonight an nbc bay area investigation. that money that we're talking about millions of dollars in taxes from the marijuana industry. money many businesses simply aren't paying. >> and you can imagine, this is big business and big revenue for local cities. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski has our undercover look inside the controversy of pot and taxes. tony? >> reporter: a lot of moving parts here raj. in san jose, here is how it works out. pot businesses are required to hand over 10% of their sales to
6:30 pm
the city and another 8 1/2% to the state. now for years, the two sides have battled over marijuana business taxes, a semantic power struggle leaving millions of unpaid taxes in play. >> we're not even close to -- >> reporter: listen closely. >> those prices do already include sales tax to the state and the city has well. >> reporter: you're hearing and seeing one side of this controversy through the lens of our hidden cameras. >> so you guys are on the up and up? >> we're good. >> reporter: our investigation included visits to more than four dozen recently closed and currently operating pot shops in san jose. >> we pay all of our taxes that we're supposed to be paying. >> reporter: you pay all the taxes you're supposed to be paying? >> yeah. >> reporter: employees at san jose area pot shops claim their employers are doing nothing wrong, paying all their taxes and not in any danger of getting shut down by the city. so you guys pay the taxes? i'm not going to come back done because you didn't pay taxes?
6:31 pm
>> no. >> reporter: was the information they shared accurate? >> no it's incorrect. they're not paying taxes she coordinates taxes for city of san jose. since 2011 san jose has collected more than $18 million in taxes from pot shops. but in response to requests from the investigative unit the city confirmed it has more than $2 million in unpaid marijuana taxes, penalties, and interest. $2 million is a lot of money. has the city dropped the ball by not getting those dollars? >> i would say no. it's the city's goal to eventually pursue that unpaid tax amount. >> reporter: the city's list of noncompliant pot shops includes five active and operating locations. the sovereign wellness center san jose medicinal group, nor cal care medi mart and the all american cannabis club. >> obviously, we can do better. >> reporter: san jose mayor sam
6:32 pm
liccardo. >> according to city records, there is at least $2 million that hasn't been checked. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. >> probably conservative. it's probably more. >> reporter: can the city do more? should the city do more? >> yes, and yes. we can always do better. >> reporter: are you worried you're going to be put out of business. >> no. why would i be worried? i'm the only one that seems to understand the concept. >> reporter: he is the ceo of medimart in san jose. the city says his business is one of the worst offenders, owing nearly a half million in unpaid taxes and penalties. >> the only problem we have with the city is the marijuana business tax. >> reporter: that's a problem, though. >> it implicates a sale. there is case law and there is guys in federal prison right now that because they paid a tax on cannabis it was considered a sale of a controlled substance. and so they're doing ten years in prison. it's the most amazing plant on the planet. >> reporter: and based on the concept, armstrong refuses to pay because he fears it will
6:33 pm
confirm his sale of an illegal drug. >> this is our indoor facility where we grow our medicine. >> reporter: he beliefs he doesn't owe the tax because he is running what he calls a closed loop collective. >> well, these are just samples of the specials that are in the bowls. >> reporter: growing the pot and providing it to his members or co-owners. he says they're not customer and the money they pay for the pot is an equitable contribution and not a sale. and you're not paying taxes? >> no. because we make everything ourselves. >> reporter: are you paying taxes to the city right now? >> we're not. >> reporter: dave hodges owns the all american cannabis club. >> when it comes to taxes, do i pay the taxes? >> it's already included on the menu. >> well she is a little misinformed that conversation i'm going to have to have when i get back to the shop. >> reporter: the truth is the all american cannabis club has never paid marijuana business tax to the city of san jose. city records show dave hodges has been noncompliant for four years. more than a half million in unpaid tax and penalties.
6:34 pm
>> i want to pay sales tax. but by paying sales tax, i'm admitting that i'm selling marijuana, which is violating the law. >> reporter: he is referring to federal law and the conflict with state laws. hodges and other pot shop owners also point to this language at the top of san jose's marijuana business tax return. it includes payment of the tax does not authorize unlawful business. >> now, if the law were to say you can sell marijuana, we would gladly pay sales tax. but the law doesn't say that. >> reporter: by all indications, this is a semantics nightmare. >> it is. it just needs to be cleared up. >> reporter: are you worried the city is going to come and lock your doors? >> you know it's been a concern of mine ever since i started five years ago. >> reporter: what is your message to these businesses? >> pack up, it's time to move on. and pay up on your way out. >> i would say to the mayor that
6:35 pm
he won by 2,000 votes. and that there is a large population in the city of san jose who wants us here. and we're going to stay here. >> reporter: now, we reached out to the three other noncompliant pot shops. nor cal care says it is paying its back taxes and should be off that list next month. the other two locations did not respond to our calls. now mayor liccardo says that he thinks the city should not be in the business of regulating marijuana. he says if it is a medicine and it belongs ultimately in a pharmacy and under the supervision of the fda. the two pot shop owners we talked to say they're willing to pay a tax or some sort of fee they just don't want to call it the marijuana business tax. they need it to be some other title. >> so back to the semantics. >> back to the semantics. >> thanks, tony. give us a call 888-996-tips or give us an e-mail to the duped over disneyland
6:36 pm
tickets, a bay area family got scammed on craigslist. michelle roberts is at the mountainview police department. it looks like the alleged scammer got scammed himself by an undercover operation. >> the sting was similar to a drug bust twhaechlts. that's what police say. they set up a meeting spot. they exchanged the fake tickets and the money, and he was arrested. >> signs. >> reporter: signs she didn't notice until it was too late. before her trip to disneyland last week her friend suggested she look for ticket deals on craigslist. >> i said can you make it a better deal, you know? and he said okay i'll give you 500 for four tickets. >> reporter: she says she met this man in the mountain view costco parking lot where she says she paid him $500 cash in exchange for four park tickets, which is half of what they would cost at the park. she says he told her they were extra from his recent disney visit. >> i even told him, what if they don't work?
6:37 pm
well you have my number. >> reporter: it wasn't until she and her family arrived at the happiest place on earth that she realized the tickets were a bust, and she was out $500. >> it's a deal is too good to be true it probably is. >> reporter: sergeant with the mountain view police department says investigators were able to track down the same ad that fooled raka. >> detectives met with the suspect in a parking lot in mountain view and made the purchase. and unfortunately for the suspect, they sold it to an undercover police officer. >> reporter: 25-year-old david ko is facing theft charges. raka says she plans to use craigslist again, but next time she won't be so trusting. >> you have to be aware and do your homework and, you know, make sure you don't fall into the trap. >> well, the family hasn't received their $500 back. but they did go to disneyland. they just had to pay another thousand dollars for those tickets. as for craigslist, they say 99%
6:38 pm
of scams can be avoided if you do business in person face-to-face. in this case though it didn't work. reporting live in mountain view michelle robert, nbc bay area news. >> thank you michelle. next, up from the ashes. a milestone for san francisco today. marking the day the city bounced back from the 1906 earthquake. and it's a problem for nearly a million people across the country. the tax trouble that you could be dealing with and what is behind the blunder.
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just when it seems like things were finally going smoothly for obamacare, another major hiccup. more than 800,000 people who purchased insurance through last year are being asked to delay filing their tax returns.
6:41 pm
that's because the federal government sent them wrong tax information. those affected are being notified as we speak. they'll be sent correct forms in early march, and are being told to file their tax returns after that point. of course the deadline is april 15th. those who already filed will most likely have to file again. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri live at levi's stadium where the san jose sharks are taking over for the nhl stadium series game tomorrow. the dreaded l.a. kings are on the ice right now. we'll talk hockey and weather coming up in that full forecast.
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it could be explosive. caltrans looking at several options for demolishing the old span of the bay bridge. as you can see, here is one of them blowing it up. caltrans says that's the fastest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to tear down the largest foundation of the bridge. crews would do that by attaching hundreds of controlled chargers to what is called pier e-3
6:44 pm
underwater. engineers believe this november is the best time to use the explosives. they say that's when they'll see the lowest number of fish and marine life in the area. caltrans is running the idea by several environmental agencies for approval. well 100 years ago, the eyes of the world were on san francisco as the city created one of the world's greatest celebrations. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes us back to 1915 and a world's fair that in some ways is still with us today. >> reporter: san francisco's marina boulevard, a bayside street boastle starting views. this picture scene would give little hint of the party thrown here 100 years ago if it weren't for the opulent dome jutting from the lagoon a block away. >> people coming to san francisco look at it and can't believe it exists. >> reporter: the palace of fine arts is the last souvenir of perhaps the greatest celebration the bay area ever hosted, the
6:45 pm
1915 panama pacific international exposition. on february 20th 1915 following nearly two years of construction, the 1915 world's fair opened its gates at san francisco's northern waterfront in spectacular fashion. >> on opening day, the city was awakened before dawn by bells and whistles and a huge parade. >> reporter: the fair was officially a celebration of the opening of the panama canal. but for san francisco, it was a symbol of the city's rebirth from the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire. >> what would any sane city do? they would say well let's build a giant party and invite the entire world. >> reporter: 635 acres of the marina district from the presidio to van ness were filled with 11 palaces, 600 acres of buildings, a midway racetracks art, food fountains, exhibits from around the world. >> it was truly a sense of wonder, a way to travel the world right in your own backyard. >> reporter: the actual liberty
6:46 pm
bell was shipped in from philadelphia and put on display. there were dignitaries like teddy roosevelt, thomas edison and henry ford who even set up a working auto plant. crowds retreated to displays of the recent invention of aviation. during the fair's nine-month run, some 20 million people took in the glory of what was called the jewelled city. >> and if you think about that that's 20 million before there were airplanes. >> reporter: it was a city within a city. a magical spectacle that sparkled until the lights were finally extinguished december 4th, 1915. >> this is a selection of souvenirs. >> reporter: a century later, the spirit of 1915 still inspires. >> jewels from the tower of jewels. >> reporter: donna huggins has spent her life collecting exposition memorabilia. >> here is a tape measure with the tower of jewels. >> reporter: larger souvenirs of the fair remain tucked away around san francisco. long ago battles saved the palace of fine arts from the same fate as the fair's other
6:47 pm
buildings. and so it sits a majestic time capsule, proving that the jewelled city of a century ago really did exist. >> it was the spirit of the city that we hope will never die. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc news. >> and it's still beautiful today. now tomorrow san francisco celebrates the centennial of the 1915 world fair with a community day at the palace of fine arts. it's from noon to 5:00. so check it out. okay. and also check out the big event tomorrow night in santa clara. the ice at levi's stadium. jeff ranieri with definitely the best assign. to day skating with the sharks and kings. how are you doing, jeff? >> oh, i'm doing good. i've had to pinch myself a couple of times, just remind myself of where we are. yes, we are right here on the 49ers field at levi's stadium. you're probably saying okay, there is no 49ers game this weekend. but it's not about the 49ers. it's actually about the san jose sharks taking over in an nhl stadium series game. it's going to be the only stadium series outdoor game in
6:48 pm
year. now, they've had rehearsals today. the players have gone out on the ice. it's also a little bit of a family affair too. check out this video that we got earlier. if your dad is a hockey player, it's never too early to learn how to ice skate. this little one did just that as she took to the ice with her family. really, really cute seeing the players out there with their kids. now the players also got in on some practice. we have video of that as well. to get a feel for the conditions as they're skating around on this 20,000 gallons of recycled city water they're using on the rink as it is being frozen to the proper 22 degrees. it's a loft work and it's no doubt going to be epic here as we head throughout saturday. players are feeling confident about those conditions. >> well you know it's tough when the heat and the moisture and the humidity, everything like that. i think that's a bit above my pay grade. but they did a fantastic job, and obviously it's not exactly as hockey players maybe like it to be.
6:49 pm
but it's definitely good enough. we're going to be excited to play on it tomorrow. >> all right. they're going to be you know nailing it pretty good on that ice tomorrow. we saw them out there practicing. and they're getting a pretty good feel for it. the crowd at sap center normally 17,000. they're going to more than triple that. close to 70,000. they have actually put more seats in here to test it out for a super bowl-sized crowd. it's going to be a lot of folks. it's also going to be the largest hockey crowd ever west of the mississippi. and the ice is going to stay cold by a 53-foot refrigeration truck constantly working overnight. that brings us to the next thing. we need 55 degrees or lower for our ice gueydan to be able to do his job properly. it looks like we're going to see that. 49 degrees as we head throughout tomorrow morning. 68 for a pregame, if you're heading out here. it is sold out. if you're going to do tailgating with friends that have tickets, great weather tomorrow, 63 at game time. you'll need a light jacket. and the only big issue when it comes to these kind of outdoor games at least besides
6:50 pm
controlling the ice would be rain. we do not have that in the forecast. so that is the good news. let's go and get to your microclimate forecast for tomorrow. 70 expected in san jose. 69 in palo alto. san francisco 67. and let's take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. heading up to wine country, maybe you're going to watch this game at some friend's house. it's going to be on nbc sports network. 72 in napa. livermore 69. on the forecast there is a slight chance of showers by sunday mainly for the south bay and east bay. trace amounts to maybe 0.05. a treat for you. check out this seat selection for you tonight. pick one, any one, it's yours. i'm going to save it for you risks you going to spend all night there holding it? >> yeah, i've got seat spotters. we've expanded the nbc budget. we're going to make it happen for you. nobody is going to sit in your seat. >> thank you jeff. we want a row of seats. >> jeff is doing double duty sports and weather. >> jeff is phenomenal. that was the best sportscast i've seen in a long time.
6:51 pm
and geraud moncure joins us next. we're talking sharks hockey and a big game for the warriors tonight. stay with us. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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geraud moncure joins us live from levi's stadium. and then we're going to talk hockey in a few minutes. let's talk about bruce bochy and the fact that he is doing well. >> absolutely jessica. that's right. as we told you earlier in the newscast giants manager bruce bochy resting comfortably right now. he was released from scottsdale health care medical center earlier this afternoon after having two stents inserted in his heart yesterday. the 59-year-old skip over the
6:54 pm
world champion giants experienced chest discomfort after a physical on wednesday. he is resting comfortably, as i said at his spring training residents, and is reportedly feeling 100% better, which is great news. here is ahmed fareed with more from arizona. >> for the most part it was business as usual for the giants here in scottsdale. all the drills going off as they normally do. the only difference is that bruce bochy was not here to oversee it all. now brett bochy, his son, has been with the giants big league camp here at spring training for the third year in a row. and we got a chance to talk with him earlier this morning. >> i went over and talked with him this morning he is in great spirits. he is doing great. and he'll be out of the hospital today. he feels good enough to be back right now he said. but they want to hold him back for precautionary reasons. he is doing great. >> when you're the manager of the team and you're not around everybody misses him. and you know the guy is not here.idñ and it's a little bit odd because he is the leader. he is the manager of the club. >> best to bruce bochy today.
6:55 pm
sent him a message, man. talk about scary. and he is playing it off like it's no big deal. best manager in the big leagues. i'm sure he got a lot of messages today, including one from me. >> reporter: if it was up to bruce bochy, he would be back out here on the field at scottsdale stadium tomorrow. but it's not totally up to bruce bochy. the expectation is he will be back out here on sunday. reporting from arizona with the giants, ahmed fareed, nbc bay area news. >> ahmed, thank you. meanwhile, in mesa, barry zito throwing for the a's today. number 75 back for his second stint with the team that drafted him with the ninth pick in 1999. zito of course snuck out after practice today. but is expected to speak with the media tomorrow. all right. back here at levi's stadium. as you can see, not your typical hockey weather. here in santa clara. but it is looking great for tomorrow's nhl big matchup between the kings and the sharks
6:56 pm
right here at levi's stadium. and the venue looks awesome. the ice looks great. which makes the preparation and the venue even more impressive. sharks testing the ice for the first time earlier today before tomorrow night's face-off against the reigning stanley cup champion l.a. kings. it's a home game unlike any other for t still in awe of what is in store for them tomorrow night. >> amazing.$ it's something that you never really thought was going to be this cool building up to it. you know yesterday, we knew it was coming. but when you stepped out here and saw just the size of it and how?qi1ñ massive it was, and how sunny it was and it's amazing how they brought it all together. >> all right. finally tonight, when the warriors returned to action against the spurs at oracle arena, they will have a new piece of hardware on display. steph curry's three-point shooting contest trophy
6:57 pm
os of until the end of the third quarter. and that game tips off at oracle atu9ñú 7:30. we'll have highlights for you tonight at 11:00. this hockey game, if you don't have tickets, we're sorry. 70,000 strong. but you will be able to watch it on nbc sports network. it should be a great one between the two rivals. that's it for me. reporting live from levi's stadium, geraud moncure, nbc bay area. raj, jessica back to you. >> how fun. >> the fh-v breaking news on the tentative agreement involving port workers. plus bill cosby dealing with fallout in the bay area in the wake of that sexual assault allegations against him. that's tonight. we'll explore both of those issue at 11:00 after "snl." >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. we'll leave you with one more look at levi's stadium and that shark ice. not shark tank, the shark ice. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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>> crazy video of wild out of control car sparks an oscar bomb scare. >> the massive security for hollywood's biggest night, now on "extra." >> the l.a.p.d. bomb squad investigating explosives at the oscars. how far they are going to protect the stars. the a-list pouring into l.a. today. the prediction, bradley cooper could pull off a major upset. >> it would be a huge honor. >> plus, o magazine's adam glassman with our last minute fashion sneak peek. >> who are you excited to see? >> tracey has oprah at essence magazine's black women in hollywood luncheon. >> such an intimate celebration.


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